Thursday, 4 November 2010

First Post!

This is my first shot at a blog, not saying it'll be any good but thought it was time I had a go!!

This ATC was made using all the new techniques I learned from NJ at Cazros Geordieland meet this year, lots of noisy banging, sanding, scrunching and tearing!!! Lots of fun!! I'd never thought of stamping onto the flowers before, simple idea but really effective!  Thanks NJ!!


  1. Aw! Love it - it's like a mixture of me n you LOL. NJ's distressing corner was a lot of fun ey

  2. Well it's about time. How are you? Love the beginning of your blog. Keep it up. NJ would be proud of your distressed ATC. Look on my blog I have your first Deep embossed ATC ready. I've entered it into the Craft Barn contest. LOL