Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Toy......

Unfortunately not mine but my sister in law was kind enough to let me have a wee play on Monday night. It's a great machine, I love it but I have my Bug so can't justify the splurge!! It was good fun to try out though.

All the dies are hers but I now see I NEED some of the Nellie Snellen scalloped squares, they are lovely.
Oh and maybe the flourish too.....oh and the circles.......the list goes on!!!


  1. Oh - it is rather fabby ey!! BTW Fluffy Stuff you are looking for - if you can'tget it let me know, coz Craft World through here had it at the SECC - so take it they will have some in the shop somewhere...

    C u real soooonn


  2. Looks like you had a fun play session - would love to try one myself, but as you say, when you have a bug, how do you justify the spend! Jx